San and Ashitaka cosplay - Princess Mononoke


San and Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is one of our favorite animation film from Hayaho Miyazaki. We really love these characters, and I must say we both share some common personality traits with them (Jo is the calm but heroic type of person, and I’m the hot blooded and impulsive one :p)! We decided to make them a while ago, and actually started the costumes in 2015.

They were not particularly difficult to make, but some pieces required tries and fails before getting it right. San’s outfits is made with cotton (napkin), stretch jersey (dress), fake suede (cover shoes) and fake fur lined with cotton (cloak). I made her mask with many layers of paper mache, cover with clay and some resin on the inside to make it steadier. It is pretty heavy, and fragile! But I had no time to redo it, so I just kept it thay way. It is attached to the hood of the cloak, which is veeeeery heavy and require me to wear a pretty painful homemade harness under my dress to prevent it to fall backward (and strangle me, eventually :p).
Ashitaka’s costume is mostly made with cotton and linen. The cape, made with naturel raffia is under construction and should be finish within the end of 2016, so are the bow and arrows.
We debuted the costume in March 2016, at Polymanga, our first Swiss convention, and hope to wear them again to make a photoshoot!

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to P&S Photography Cosplay, Horizon-705 and Katapon for the following pictures.

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