cosplay rachel alucard blazblue calamity trigger

Rachel Alucard – Blazblue : Calamity trigger


I first made this costume in 2011, and debuted it during a general cosplay contest at Japan Expo. I was pretty happy with the result when I made it at that time. But two years later, I had learnt new techniques and got even more demanding toward my work, so I decided to upgrade it to enter the Eurocosplay competition.

I completely remade the umbrella cat (twice…!), the bat plushie, all the white and red pleather ornaments and stitch embroided the edges (that took me FOREVER !), corrected minor mistakes on the whole costume, altered the shoes, and made a new accessory for the stage…
Upgrading it took me twice the time it took me to make the whole costume in 2011, but it was really worth it. I was really satisfied with this second version, and wore it a few times since.
I won the 2nd place at French selection for Eurocosplay and got the chance to go to London for the championship final with my friend Ivy, who won the 1st place.

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to N8e and Lodu for the following pictures.

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