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Morrigan – Dragon Age : Origins

When  I started playing the game, I knew it would become one of my favorite ever. I spent dozens of hours playing it, and I really enjoyed the storyline, the gameplay system, the characters. At first, I did not liked that much Morrigan, but the mysterious, cynical witch quickly became my favorite character of the game. As a consequence, I decided to cosplay her for Japan Expo 2013.

That was my first time working on a wild looking costume including leather work, fur, feathers and requiring weathering work, to make it look damaged. Since then, this is definitely my kind of costume. 🙂
I really enjoyed working on it, especially on the staff and accessories, which gave me the opportunity to work with materials and use techniques I’ve never used before, such as air drying clay, resin, expanding foam…
I had only two weeks to make it, and I would have many many pieces to improve or remake now. I hope I will be able to work on it again soon and make a proper shooting for it.

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to Michael Dominguez, CoolADN, Shashin Kaihi and Wenbin for the following pictures.

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