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Daenerys Targarien – Game of Thrones

I can’t deny I’m a huge fan of Game of thrones. The TV show has incredible artists working on every aspect, especially (to my mind) costume design, making and wig styling. I cannot watch an episode without talking about the costumes, and even if I’d like to make them all (almost), I’m particularely fond of Daenerys outfits design. I really like how they adapted her costumes to fit what she’s been through over the years and events. And of course, I really like this strong young woman, struggling with her fate and trying to recover the Iron Throne.

I saw this particular design on a magazine (entertainment weekly) before the 3rd season was out and I was hoping it would be showcased in it, but unfortunately, it was not ! I decided to make this costume anyway, and wore it at Japan Expo 2013 for the Friday contest and placed second.

It may look simple, but it was absolutely not ! The pattern was not easy to draft and I had to make it several time before I got it right. Once the tunic base and lining was done, the most tricky part was to reproduce the golden/silver (depending on the pictures) pattern of the tunic. I tried many different painting combinations and techniques before finding the right one, just check out the WIP section if you are interested ! The belt was also quite a challenge. Since I wanted it screen-accurate, I spent much time making the pattern. The wig styling work was also not that easy, and I am not happy with the final result. I hope to find a good base wig one day and find a way to make it look exactely as I want it. I also have to embroider the tunic with black/silver thread so it’s compltely over. 🙂

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to N8e and Sylvain Leobon for the following pictures.

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