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Chen Stormstout – World of Warcraft


Chen costume is born from a crazy idea I had a year before it was finally released. I wanted to enter European Cosplay Gathering French Selection again, with my boyfriend, Jo. We made a few cosplay duo over the years, but he never entered a serious competition before, so that was a big challenge for him too.

We are both big fans of World of Warcraft, and used to play a lot (like A LOT) a few years ago. I really wanted to make pandaren costume because I love their universe, their design, and most of all, I really like Chen ! Plus we thought we could make something funny on stage, acting as a wise and strong brewmaster and his silly apprentice.

Anyway, we spent 4 months working full time (including researching and making process) on our Pandaren costumes. That was the most complicated costumes we ever made. We thought we could not make it on time for Japan Expo 2015 untill the very last moment. I cannot express how hard, stressful and exhausting it was, but we managed to make it on time, and we were really glad we did not give up !
We also had a lot of funny moments of course, and working with Jo was just great. He made a few costumes, saw me working on mines for years, and often gave me a hand on costumes fittings or props making, but I never thought he would make such a great work on something so difficult to make.

Did I mentioned they were also a real hell to wear ? Seriously, I never thought a costume could be so hot and so painful to wear. We wore them for about 7 hours at Japan expo. We drank litters of water and suffered a lot, but it was totally worth it ! Making these costumes was a great adventure, and we had a lot of fun on stage. We placed 2nd at the ECG selection, which was not so bad. 🙂

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to Allpo Dayo , Florian Fromentin and Antony Gomes for the following pictures.

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