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Big Sister – Bioshock 2

The idea of this cosplay projet came to my mind during summer 2013. I wanted to challenge myself with a very detailed and complicated costume, which would allow me to test new techniques and work with new materials. I also wanted to cosplay as a very dark and weird character, because that was something I had never done before. So, in the end, Big Sister was the perfect project !
I’m a gamer for a long time, but I’ve never been a fearless one. I get scared easily, but I’m loving it ! I really liked Bioshock universe as soon as I played to it : the atmosphere of Rapture, the musics and weird sounds, the dark story…
Cosplaying as a Big Sister was a big dream for me, and I’m so glad it happened !

I made it to enter the European Cosplay Gathering French Selection at Japan Expo (Paris) in 2014, together with my partner Mathoz who crafted a Subject Delta costume. Thanks to him for this adventure !

I also had the chance to organize two shootings with my lovely photgrapher friends Update Required. I found two very different locations to create different atmospheres : an old boat, and an abandonned (and reaaally dangerous) mine.
Hoping you like the result ! 🙂

For more work in progress pictures, don’t forget to have a look at the dedicated articles !

Many thanks to Update Required, Florian Fromentin, Julien Rico, Studio Sushi and Anime news Network for the following pictures.

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