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Akali – League of Legends

I’m not a DotA-like games addict, but a few years ago, I did played a bit to League of Legends and liked the game. Many of my fellow cosplayers friends were serious gamers, and they decided to make a cosplay group for Japan Expo 2013. I really liked the characters design, and decided I would join them and cosplay as Akali, in her “bloodmoon” skin.

I really like Japanese-inspired outfits, and this costume was challenging, mostly because of the kimono embroiderings and the two huge weapons. At that time, I had one month and a half to create three complexe costumes for the event, and made this one in something like two weeks (working full time on it) including accessories and weapons.
This was not easy, but I experimented materials and techniques I had almost never used before. If you want to learn more about it, check out the decicated WIP posts. 🙂
This group was much fun, and we really enjoyed making our stage skit. Thanks a lot to all my friends who took part into this project !

Later on, I made a shooting with my friends from Update Required near my hometown in Burgundy. The cliffs and forest matched pretty well what I wanted for Akali and I really like the result.

Many thanks to Update Required, Florian Fromentin, Meian for the following pictures.

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