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I’ve been to many conventions over the years and I’m looking forward to the next happening !
Cosplay gave me the opportunity to visit a few cities I’ve never been before, and I’m really hoping to go more often to convention abroad to see what foreigner convention look like ! ūüôā

Events to come :


Past events :

2018.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)

2017.04 Polymanga, Montreux (Switzerland) : as a judge and contestant
2017.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)

2016.03 Polymanga, Montreux (Switzerland) : as a judge
2016.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France) : judge for ECG French selections
2016.10 FACTS, Gent (Belgium) : as a judge (on Saturday) and a contestant (Sunday)

2015.10.10 Savoie Rétro Games, Annecy (France) : as a cosplay guest (judge)
2015.03 MAGIC Cosplay, Monaco (Monaco) : as a cosplay guest
2015.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France) : ECG French selection contestant

2014.04 Japan Touch Haru, Lyon (France) : as a guest for a conference
2014.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France) : judge on Friday and ECG French selection contestant
2014.09 Glénat cosplay, Lyon (France) : as a cosplay guest
2014.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France) : as a guest for a conference

2013.04 Cartoonist, Nice (France) : Eurocosplay selections contestant
2013.06 Epitanime, Paris (France)
2013.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)
2013.09 Glénat cosplay, Lyon (France)
2013.10 London MCM, London (England)

2012.09 Harajuku, Paris (France)
2012.11 Japan Expo Centre, Orléans (France) : judge on Saturday
2012.11 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)

2011.12 Winter Comicket, Tokyo (Japan)
2011.05 Epitanime, Paris (France)
2011.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)

2010.05 Japan Galaxy, Lyon (France)
2010.05 Epitanime, Paris (France)
2010.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)
2010.09 Paris Manga, Paris (France)
2010.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)
2010.10 Japan Touch, Lyon (France)

2009.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)
2009.09 Paris Manga, Paris (France)
2009.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)

2008.07 Japan Expo, Paris (France)
2008.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)

2007.10 Dijon Saiten, Dijon (France)