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Hi, and welcome to the workshop !
If you want to get to know us a bit more, this is for you ! 🙂

I’m a geek, sewing and crafting lover, foreign cultures enthusiast enjoying travelling and photography from France (but living in Scotland!).
As far as I can remember I’ve always been making creative stuffs and I’ve also always loved to test and challenge myself by trying things I had no idea about. I also am a big fan of video games, japanese animations, TV shows since my childhood. I guess that’s how I felt into cosplay.
When I started making my costumes in 2008, I knew nothing about sewing, but slowly learn by myself, and also thanks to the tons of resources available on the Internet thanks to the community ! I really enjoyed sewing and made more and more costumes over the years. I slowely realised that cosplaying wasn’t just about “sewing” but offered many many possibilites to learn and improve new skills : make-up, wig styling, props making, acting, posing, photography, audio editing, video making, etc… This hobby has NO LIMIT but imagination, and that is why I stuck with it since.

For a few years, I really try to learn and experiment as many things as I can. That’s how I began to work with differents materials (leather, foam, wood, metal, resin, clay) and use techniques I never used before.
This hobby became really time consuming, but I can’t help crafting all these costumes who brought me knowledge, experience, and so many good friends, travels, and memories… I also got the opportunity to make costumes for a short-movie “Hagakure” in 2015 and really liked the experience.

Of course, you will also hear about my partner in crime, Jo aka Nathrann, who has always been around to give me a hand on my costumes when I was running out of time, and even to cosplay with me.
We have many exciting costume projects to come and there are lots of things we want to learn and experiment, so expect to see us around ! 🙂

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